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One to One Computer Training in Peterborough

The main advantage of having a professional come to your home to train you on your computer is that you get personal 1 to 1 training. This means that you are trained on your computer rather than a college computer which may not be set up the same way as your home computer.

As someone who has joined the ever growing population of silver surfers it was important that I found someone with the skills, knowledge and above all patience when introducing me to the World Wide Web.

You are able to ask any question about computing without feeling embarrassed, there are no stupid questions when learning about computers. If you don't ask you'll never know.

To give you an idea of the training I can provide for you here is a list of the popular things I get asked to show customers how to do.

   » Saving and deleting files
   » Scanning pictures
   » Uploading images from a digital camera
   » Sending emails with pictures
   » Editing pictures
   » Selling on Ebay
   » Word processing
   » Computer virus protection
   » Learning about computer and online security
   » Copying onto CD and USB flash drives
   » Printing from your computer
   » Using the internet

Whatever your tutoring requirements you can call Allan on 07939 090914 to discuss your training needs.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone as he has been invaluable to me.
Allan has given me the confidence to enjoy what the web has to offer and now means that I can have contact with family from all corners of the globe.
Allan has been very clear and concise in his approach and if I have been unable to grasp what he is explaining to me he has been more than happy to go through it time and again.

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